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Inbound internet Marketing is different than outbound internet marketing. Outbound internet marketing is the conventional way or traditional way of bringing in leads for sales by doing internet marketing through trade show, cold calls, direct marketing mailings, telemarketing, email marketing etc... This approach is getting harder and harder to get results since people are inundated daily with all kinds of marketing and it is harder to get to talk to prospects or make the sales using this method. It is a shotgun approach.

The new inbound internet marketing concept is more of a strategic marketing approach. People are already looking for your information in their research and can find it on websites through search engine marketing, through blogs, through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, articles on the web, web press releases.

According to Wikpedia

"Inbound marketing is a style of marketing that focuses on getting found by customers. This sense is related to relationship marketing and Seth Godin's idea of permission marketing. David Meerman Scott recommends that marketers "publish their way in" (via blogs etc.) in contrast to outbound marketing where they used to have to "buy their way in" (via paid advertisements)."

Setting Up and Maintaning Blogs

Forbes and Associates specializes in setting up custom and Word Press Blogs. Prices range from $100+. We will then write for your blog and keep them up to date by blogging for you. Please see our services page for a list of services and price ranges that we offer

Social Media Marketing

In addition, we will either consult with you on how to use and set up Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc... or we will do it for you and keep it updated for you. Social media should play an important part in your inbound marketing stradegy or internet marketing mix. We are Florida social marketing coaches and Orlando social media consultants.

Press Release Marketing and Article Marketing

In addition we will write articles for you and post them on your website and blast them all over the web. All of your articles will have links back to your website. We will do the same for press releases and post them to press release websites.


We will do powerpoint presentations for you that can be scheduled and then stored for free on Brighttalk.com. We will set up your own braodcasting network.

You Tube Videos and Video Marketing

Not only will we film videos for you but we will set up a You Tube network for you and place your videos on your website. Contact us to receive a quote on video production. nancy@webtrafficdoctor.com

All of these internet marketing inbound marketing strategies will bring you targetted leads form people who want your information and want to do business with you.

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